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Dec 28, 2012 9:00pm PST
captioning made possible by michael landon productions and nci caption club way to hit! come on. move it, move it! get back. give him air. brian. brian, what's wrong? get an ambulance. cardiac insuffiency? what's that mean? simply, it means your heart isn't getting all the blood it needs. what do you do about it? depends on what causes it. treatment ranges from doing nothing to bypass surgery. bypass. like they did with arthur ashe? yeah. but not for you. if you follow my instructions, you'll have a normal life. you scared me. pro scouts been watching me. i'm first pick in the pro draft. not any more you're not. but you said-- you'll lead a normal life, but not as a basketball player. you heard from a friend? but that isn't possible. mr. maxwell quit a few hours ago. perhaps he told my friend he was thinking about quitting. oh. well, this is mostly janitorial work-- cleaning, working the furnace. repairing windows. there's a lot of that. why's that? two things i am fiercely opposed to-- ignorance and drugs. they go together. mrs. toma started this school to help those whom the o
Dec 29, 2012 12:35am PST
, people >> you say your name is michael ian black, but you were born michael ian schwartz and schwartz means black >> do you know what i'm going to be for hall weep this year i'm going to be a grown [ bleep ] man. how about that >> you are a comedian, an author, and a commentator. >> and a radical feminist poet it's such a niche sort of market >> hit me with one now >> okay. the sky, gray, drizzling may bay. oppressive like a man could bay. >> people don't know about your radical feminist poetry. they know about you on "ed." and of course, i think your deepest work as a sock pocket. >> we're coming to from you, it's like mardi gras >> it was a group show >> sketch comedy show on mtv >> excuse me >> drop dead >> can you look back at those videos or does it make you cringe >> i can't watch anything. >> if you want to meet women, you should start wearing pants >> thanks, i'll try it >> in my head, when i'm performing, i look totally different. in my head, the characters that i'm doing, don't resemble me at all. >> it's that time. >> when i see it, i'm disappointed and deflated. and i'm li
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2